The Support Network // Any Topic-24/7-No Trolls #PeerSupport

Supportiv matches you, instantly (and anonymously!) with other individuals who are struggling with something similar. You can talk about any topic, any time. #What'sYourStruggle?
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Wow amazing !
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@pouria3 Congratulations on winning in #SXSW! Are you planning on launching mobile apps anytime soon?
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@pouria3 @amrith Yes Yes! mobile apps coming out soon. The webapp works nicely on mobile devices too!
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@edisonjoao6871 can you make me the editor on this page, i will add more info here
I like this idea a lot, it could definitely benefit from a dedicated mobile app! Congrats on. the SXSW win!
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@aaronoleary Many thanks! Mobile apps are coming out soon. check out the webapp ( -> click Let's begin) works good on mobile devices
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I tried using Supportiv once and it was like a zoo. Maybe my group just got unlucky, but it was definitely NOT three people with similar problems, and the poor Supportiv crew member was trying to juggle all three of our extremely different problems at once. We weren't talking to each other at all—how could we, when we needed such different things? Also, the crew member was nice, but she didn't have a lot to offer. She just kept asking me "So what are you going to do about that?", which was exactly the question that was driving me bonkers.