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#5 Product of the DayMay 17, 2018

We're pretty excited about this and I'd love to get feedback on my latest product hunt posting which is a self-help knowledge base tool that helps companies educate their clients by helping them to create and deliver a game changing user education experience that increases retention and engagement, while reducing customer relationship costs.

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  • Shivbhadra GohilWizard of Light Bulb Moments

    1. Reduces Support Tickets

    2. Saves a lot of time answering common questions

    3. Customers get Instant Answers to FAQs


    Nothing as of now.

    I'm using it at for last few months and it helped us reduced support tickets and gave our customer better user experience.

    Highly Recommended Product.

    Thank you SupportHero Team.

    Shivbhadra Gohil has used this product for one month.
  • David FergusonFounder, 5000fish, Inc.

    Beautiful design, easy to setup, great back end analytics, and smooth customer experience to deflect support tickets


    Needs more import options, advanced search filters for users like article version filtering.

    There are lots of help desk products that integrate a knowledge base with their product, but the knowledge base is always the step child when it comes to development and innovation. Support Hero is dedicated to making awesome knowledge bases and it shows. And with their custom form integration to email, this can integrate seamlessly with almost any help desk system to help deflect customer tickets.

    David Ferguson has used this product for one month.


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Tomer Aharon@tomer_aharon · Co-Founder of Poptin
Love Support Hero! We use it as our knowledge base at and it is super useful. Well done guys!
Matic UžmahMaker@matic_uzmah1 · CEO at SupportHero
@tomer_aharon thank you!
Marcel Folaron@marcelfolaron · CEO & Co-founder
Love the product and the team is super responsive!
Matic UžmahMaker@matic_uzmah1 · CEO at SupportHero
@marcelfolaron thank you <3
Jure Jakomin@jurejakomin · Growth Hacker
The hero of all supports really! Nicely done guys :))
Matic UžmahMaker@matic_uzmah1 · CEO at SupportHero
@jurejakomin thank you for your support!
Gal Dubinski@galdubinski · Co-Founder at Poptin
love the product, love the team. good luck guys!
Matic UžmahMaker@matic_uzmah1 · CEO at SupportHero
@galdubinski thanks! ;)
Suvran Roy@suvran · Co founder at ethicaLead
Its a terrific knowledge base hub. I would give more brawny points than even the intercom help desk.
Matic UžmahMaker@matic_uzmah1 · CEO at SupportHero
@suvran thanks man!