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Educate your customers through self-help support

We're pretty excited about this and I'd love to get feedback on my latest product hunt posting which is a self-help knowledge base tool that helps companies educate their clients by helping them to create and deliver a game changing user education experience that increases retention and engagement, while reducing customer relationship costs.

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28 Reviews5.0/5
Love Support Hero! We use it as our knowledge base at and it is super useful. Well done guys!

We've tried all the other knowledge base products on the market over the last 7 years. None of them are as good as Support Hero in solving the growing pain of unnecessary support workload. Support Hero is really the ONLY tool that helped us refine our support knowledge base to decrease the quantity of support tickets received while increasing user satisfaction (they always prefer finding their answers themselves)


Support hero is just the best tool for self help support! We use it at Agorapulse and it's a life saver for our support team of 11.


Not really any cons for us.

I'm using it at for last few months and it helped us reduced support tickets and gave our customer better user experience.

Highly Recommended Product.

Thank you SupportHero Team.


1. Reduces Support Tickets

2. Saves a lot of time answering common questions

3. Customers get Instant Answers to FAQs


Nothing as of now.

We use supporthero for a while on and love it! Its great to see what people are looking for and put the answer online right away. So no question remains unanswered! It saves a lot of time since people ask those question before opening a chat. Keep on with the great work!


Makes sense, easy, simple UI, love it!


Let me think... none?

I bought Support Hero a few weeks ago and it was super easy to implement. Our product is new so I'll be adding more FAQs as we get questions from our users.


Super easy to implement


none yet