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I've just learnt that @jamiepeak built this first version of Suppo alone. wow.
Hey producthunters!! A big thanks to @tchret for hunting us! I'm super excited to announce Suppo. I created Suppo to help app developers create a nice, responsive website for their mobile app with the ability to have it live on the web in minutes. We've got over 50+ prebuilt design elements to drop into your template, you also have full control over text colours, background colours, icons, font's, images and the layout. We would love to hear what you guys think of Suppo! We've also got a 14 day free trial on offer and just for ProductHunt you can get 30% off your overall subscription by entering product-hunt-30 at the signup! Enjoy!!
Looks really cool, exactly something I might need soon, specially attracted to the A/B testing and easy usability. However just one question, does it support having own domain name, instead of having suppo sub domain?
@ilmi_ali Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately we don't support your own domain name right now but it's definitely something we'll be adding in the near future.
@jamiepeak Would love to see this added asap! It's a make or break for me and I'm guessing many others. :)
@abe_storey @jamiepeak Totally agree... this is a "must-have" feature
@fiessedouard @abe_storey thanks for the feedback guys! After the feedback by all the good folks here on ProductHunt, using a custom domain is the next feature coming to Suppo. Hopefully it will be live in the next couple of weeks! πŸ˜€
@jamiepeak @ilmi_ali also make or break for me.
Nice work @jamiepeak been looking for something like this! FYI- you have a spelling error "canel at any time" πŸ––
@justinnothling I'm not the maker! πŸ˜‡
@tchret oops πŸ™Š well great job hunting then 😎
@justinnothling Thanks Justin glad you like it! Good spot on the typo, now fixed.
Thank you for such product, love it❀️
@pierreakarim thanks so much, glad you like it!