Create your own graffiti in the virtual world with SuperPaint! Leave art around the world for your followers to find.

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3 Reviews5.0/5

Super fun app. I love to leave little messages for people.


So fun! I tag all over now for friends to discover.


I must look crazy to people when I'm tagging the side of a skyscraper downtown :)

This is so much fun ! Awesome app !
Hey @briansugar what inspired you to build Super Paint? What are the most fun features we should check out?
@ems_hodge inspiration really came from @thefuturematt who interned here at POPSUGAR for the past few summers. we wanted to build an #arkit app and didn't want to build a game or virtual pet or measuring app. the actual act of painting is super fun. make sure you turn up the volume as the spray can sound is sooo satisfying! the wand tool is something you must try. i use it to leave a breadcrumb from our office to favorite watering hole.
so awesome :)
This is way rad!
One of the most fun uses of AR I've seen yet --- so awesome!