Turn Sketch designs into native mobile apps in minutes

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Hello Product Hunters and Huntresses! Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us! My Name is Jiri Trecak, Co-Founder and CEO of Supernova. We are incredibly excited to show what we've been working on for almost 2 years now. Supernova aims to bridge the gap between developers and designers by automating conversion of the Sketch mobile designs to the native mobile UI. Some of the most prominent features: * Conversion of design layers to native components * Automatic component styling * Creation of navigation chains * Automatic creation of responsive layouts * Automatic resource detection and export (no need for slices) * Full-fledged animation engine  * Export of the code, assets, project, fonts, UI for iOS, Android and (very soon) React Native projects as well * Inline component code generation * Dark / Light UI for those late-night sessions 💤 .. and many more Our goal is to automate the parts of everyday work of mobile designers and developers that are error-prone and not really that fun when you do it for the tenth time, so that everyone can focus on the fun and creative stuff. Medium article introducing Supernova: We've been in closed beta for many months but today we open it for everyone - simply sign up on our website to get your copy. Feel free to AMA and enjoy! Will be happy to answer any question you fire on me.
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@kwdinc @appsupernova @jirka_trecak Congratulations. Wonderful product. Look forward to seeing its evolution.
I found this super awesome!! made my day. Thanks for hunting. This is going be a game changer if I m not wrong.
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@aroonuidesigner Thank you! We feel it is time to get back to roots of programming/designing, where it was about fun and creating stuff and not going back and forth with the team about one missing pixel here and there - this is really a primary motivation behind Supernova and what we've personally been struggling with the most.
@jirka_trecak Yes I just used this for one of my recent designs and it is working so awesome. It will save tons of time refining pixels at code level
Woah! This is amazing. Can't wait to start using it! Great work!
@3raxton Thank you for kind words, cannot wait for your feedback! Our intention was not only to make it for the developers (where it will save the most time) but also to give the designers tool where even they can feel like programmers - and bring the apps to life. Granted, you will not be able to create entire app (yet, ^^) in it because you still have to make "the guts", but we've noticed in private beta that for smaller teams, especially startups and such, designers were able to take on UI work quite easy and offload some work when the developers are short on time (as it usually happens in startups).
@jirka_trecak I see. It would most certainly be helpful in the startup scene. It will be a few weeks before I can start using it. Brilliant work, again!
@3raxton not to worry though, automation to the rest of the stuff (building entire data model just by drag/dropping and providing backend URLs) and community made plugins to integrate with 3rd party services are coming in the near future - at that point, designers will definitely be able to do the app on their own :)
@jirka_trecak I'm ready to see how it all turns out. Any way I can stay updated on the process?
@3raxton We will be sending newsletters (very occasional) once big milestone hits Supernova - to people that are subscribed in Public Beta
Cool! but how is your tool different from Qwikly (
@lisadziuba Thanks for asking! The real difference is that we are not tied to Sketch, and also in the quality of project generated - supernova employs some cutting-edge predictive magic, say for resources, so it will create the resources for you - but not just layers, if you create an icon out of 10 shapes, it will be one icon. By importing it to Supernova, we optimize the design for mobile - removing redundant layers, fixing what could be broken etc., something that is not possible within Sketch itself. Also, Qwikly only supports iOS, Supernova supports iOS, Android and soon React Native as well. By doing it as native Mac app, we also have a real-time preview (you can check how it looks on whatever device), our own engine for layout (which is calculated automatically), you can do everything offline, you can also do animations - the list goes on. While the goal is I think somehow similar, it is a very different product in how we achieve the goal.
@lisadziuba One important note - while we are only supporting Sketch now, we will be supporting more import platforms soon (looking at Figma, possibly Adobe UX). This, I think, makes the biggest difference of them all :)
@jirka_trecak thanks for answering! I like your tool and will share it over the Twitter and some iOS newsletters, where I contribute!
@lisadziuba You are amazing! Thank you for the support. Here, have a coffee on us -> ☕
I hope this turns out to be the product we've all been waiting for 🙏
@ethangromet We will definitely try to deliver just that <3