Superhero Workout

Get fit by fighting aliens

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Robleh JamaHunter@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
Can't wait to try out this's from the same team that made the popular fitness game Zomies, Run! Curious to know how their motion tracking feature works.
Will Lam@will_lam · PM & Marketer
Interesting - seems a bit gimmicky, but I guess the audience it's meant for is for those who are on the cusp of becoming active again.
Robleh JamaHunter@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
@will_lam Yeah, I think it's for a different audience. Check out - they've had a lot of success combining great storytelling and technology to make fitness fun for a lot of people.
Adrian HonMaker@adrianhon · CEO, Six to Start
@will_lam It's certainly aimed more at people who are new to home workouts like this, absolutely. Having said that, we've found that a lot of serious runners use Zombies, Run! because they find it more interesting and motivating than just music or podcasts; one of our superfans has run over 3000 miles with the app. I expect that we'll have some players who do an equivalent amount with Superhero Workout as well...
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Now that's a good tagline, @robjama. :) The fitness industry is changing dramatically with apps like this and non-fitness specific products emerging, such as the Occulus Rift-powered Omni. These technologies help become more active without the intention or "burden" of working out. I'll be curious to see how things like this (1) cannibalize traditional fitness products like workout DVD's or personal trainers and (2) encourage more people to be fit. And then there's the nascent quantified-self movement.
Adrian HonMaker@adrianhon · CEO, Six to Start
@rrhoover For sure. The workout DVD market is a good comparison. At Six to Start we're also looking into how we can make people more interested and excited about their overall health and fitness, rather than just for individual exercises - but that's a bigger task.
Adrian HonMaker@adrianhon · CEO, Six to Start
Hi all - I'm CEO at @sixtostart, we're the guys behind Superhero Workout, along with Zombies, Run! and The Walk (and other upcoming games). Happy to answer questions!
Robleh JamaHunter@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
@adrianhon Hey Adrian, curious to know how the original idea for zombies run came about. Really like the concept of story-driven fitness games. What inspired you?
Adrian HonMaker@adrianhon · CEO, Six to Start
@robjama The idea came from our co-creator and lead writer Naomi Alderman, and myself. I'd always wanted to make a running game for people who (initially) hated running; and she hit on the idea that a zombie apocalypse setting is actually really appropriate given, e.g., you can't reason with zombies, you need to scavenge for supplies, you can't use powered transport any more, it's life and death, etc