Create unique gifts and social adventures for friends.

Pick a person to receive the gift. The Superperson!
Invite other friends, create a calendar & fill it with thoughtful individual events and fun group activities. With Superdays, each friend shows their love by adding something personal to the adventure.
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πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Hello Product Hunt! At first, thank you @sliver86 for hunting us. We're grateful to have the chance to show our (yet in beta) product to this great community. A few years ago, I did a little experiment and let me friends control my life for a whole week. This crazy idea grew and changed and turned into Superdays, an app to create days packed with unique and personal events, as a gift for your friends and loved ones. Superdays helps you find inspiration for unique events and makes the process of organizing a special group gift effortless. In the future, tickets for events can be bought directly inside the app. Costs can be split and people can opt to join events. We'd love to get your feedback, both on the idea and our UX. Let us know in the comments or send us an email. Greetings from Berlin!
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When superdays was still in private beta, I did an entire superweek. Yes, 8 days, 10 hours a day, completely filled with whatever my friends thought I should do. It was one of the most overwhelming, exciting, giddy, nerve-wracking weeks of my life. I discovered hidden libraries, went indoor skydiving, camped under a starlit sky to watch a meteor shower, wrote a letter to my favourite author, and hung out more with friends than I did in the half year before that. I wouldn't necessarily recommend an entire week of outsourced life to everyone, but I can guarantee that a single day will be the most surprising and genuine present you'll ever receive :)


How often are you trying to find a present for someone who has everything & doesn't need anything? Superdays fixes that.


You need friends who are creative and will show up for each other to make this work. Then again, those are the only friends worth having.

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Technology at the service of more human connection, not less. That's all we need.


Love surprises, the caring and especially the AND and not OR : no more fight upon the flawed principle that there can be only one thing done


Well I guess it's in the plans but the more support we can have on actual execution of the ideas the better !

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You're absolutely right: Superdays is all about having the AND! We've seen so many great calendars in the past that had a wild mix of everything – that's what makes the experience special :)
Amazing, truly live changing idea :)
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@nikolaus_thomale Looking forward to your Superdays as a creator or Superperson :)

I used the older version of Superdays where I asked my friends to add something to my calendar, without gifting it to anyone.


I love the idea of the app! It's amazing how powerful a single day can be and how much fun you can have doing things you normally don't do.


I tried an early version, where some user flows and copy were a bit confusing. Some of my friends did not get what they were supposed to do.

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Hey Silvia! Thank you so much for the review :-) We're already working on improving the user flows for friends. Our first step was to create a Superdays 101 with a few tips & tricks for the Superadmin (what was you role). Next up will be the app itself.