Track your activities to find balance between life and work

Superday tracks your activities automatically and helps you to find balance between life and work. See exactly where you spent every minute and take control of your time.

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    Helps me see where I'm wasting time


    Please make it easier for people who work from home

    Love it, that's all

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Hi there Product Hunt - Heidi here from Toggl (& Superday)! Many thanks for hunting us @bramk! 🙌 Being a remote team that tends to work from homes and coffee shops, we were looking for an app that really helps you be more productive and eliminates those bad habits that tend to show up when you can do your work in pajamas. Problem we faced is that a lot of productivity apps are high maintenance, requiring to add entry here, fill in where you were there, select how much time you spent here, which after a while makes you give up and wonder when was the last time you went for a walk or why do you need so many “creative” naps. Our solution was Superday - app that automatically tracks & reports your time as you go (literally!), based on your Core Motion data (currently it still uses Health Kit data, newest update with CM is waiting for a review from App Store 🙏); Just let it run in the background, and it takes over from there. It does require some manual update here and there (like when you’re at a new location), or if you want to change a category assigned to a particular time entry. Still, it will try and do most of the stuff on its own 🤖. After the first entry, you will start seeing daily & weekly reports of how you spend your days. This provides a great opportunity to analyze them & see what you can improve, and in time, freeing you to spend more time doing stuff you love - spending quality fun time with friends & family, doing more workouts or taking double “creative” naps for projects that require that little extra pizaz. We’re still making tweaks and rethinking about how some features should work, so we could really use your feedback and thoughts about the app itself - we will be here all day answering questions so join in and let us know what you think!
Very interested. Looks like something I've been wanting... Android user here though. So plans?
@kenna hey Kenna, thanks for getting in touch - current focus is on iOS and making sure it works top notch, but yeah, we are certainly looking into Android version, though probably later on during the next year.
@aleksandar_djokic alright, will be eagerly waiting
I'm a big fan of Toggl, so it's great to see you guys go in the direction of getting more tracking data so we can see and analyze our day! But I'll be the one to ask the inevitable question on behalf of non-iOSers - should we expect an Android app in the works anytime soon?
@irishpolyglot Hey Benny, nice to see fellow Toggler 🙌 ! Currently we're only focusing on iOS for Superday, testing out features and making sure that they work great. But we do hope that we will have Android version too at some point next year 🙏
man this looks super cool, Wish there was an android version...
In the onboarding flow, I was prompted (using iOS dialogue) to choose how I'd like to share my location with the app. I chose to allow access only while using the app, and then nothing else happened. I appeared to be stuck on this step: I was unable to continue until I went back into my settings to allow it to always track my location. The premise of the app is very appealing to me, but being forced to always share my location is a huge turnoff for me. Is this really required in order for Superday to function at all, even with reduced functionality? At the very least, the onboarding flow should clearly explain: A) that I can't proceed without allowing location services B) why doing so necessary for the app to function and C) why the product makes it totally worth doing. All that said, excited to try this out!
@noah_ruede same happened to me. Had to delete and reinstall the app.
@noah_ruede Thanks a lot for the feedback, Noah! Getting stuck in the onboarding sounds like a bug. We're going to look into that. I'll also make a point to see if we can communicate the value of giving the permissions better. Regarding your question and concerns: Right now we require full location and core motion permissions for Superday to function properly. Being able to collect (limited) data when the app is not active is needed for us to automatically create your timeline. While we may allow using the app with fewer permissions in the future, a lot of functionality and value is lost without this data and increasing that value is our main priority. (We have a lot of exciting plans and ideas for the future here!) That being said, especially when it comes to location, we are taking both the user's privacy and potential battery consumption issues very seriously. For example, we mainly use battery-saving low-power location services provided by Apple (instead of burning through battery life by using GPS) and we do not upload the recorded locations to our servers but only use them inside the app. Thanks again!