Super Mario Maker

Make and play your own Super Mario levels on Wii U

Jake Crump
  • Jake Crump
    Jake CrumpHead of Support at Product Hunt

    Tons of creation tools, nearly endless Mario levels.


    Online features can be difficult to navigate.

    I put a massive amount of time into this game. I ended up not doing much creating, but I played a ton of levels. It's kind of difficult to navigate through the levels to find a specific one, but if you're just interested in playing random levels, it's not difficult to get started.

It's awesome to see more mainstream games get level editors. User-generated content is the future of gaming.
I expect this to provide plenty of content for YouTube and Twitch creators - leading to growth in a new marketing territory for Nintendo, while restoring attention to this nostalgic, beloved IP.
Also, Sony launched their "LittleBigPlanet" IP a little too early IMO - it would have had far more success in today's content production/sharing landscape.
@andythegiant I disagree - I feel LBP actually helped solidify the future of 'creation' in gaming.
@iamunr I really don't think it gained nearly the amount of market share Sony had hoped for out of a brand new IP with marketing behind it. And I was a day 1 adopter. It's not a knock on the title, but I strongly believe it would have done better today.
@andythegiant For sure... but do you think the 'user creation' market would exist as it does today - had LBP not existed then?
@iamunr I think most of the credit goes to Minecraft honestly.
@andythegiant Although even games like DOOM had level editors if I remembering correctly, right?