Super Mario Maker

Make and play your own Super Mario levels on Wii U

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It's awesome to see more mainstream games get level editors. User-generated content is the future of gaming.
I expect this to provide plenty of content for YouTube and Twitch creators - leading to growth in a new marketing territory for Nintendo, while restoring attention to this nostalgic, beloved IP.
Also, Sony launched their "LittleBigPlanet" IP a little too early IMO - it would have had far more success in today's content production/sharing landscape.
@andythegiant I disagree - I feel LBP actually helped solidify the future of 'creation' in gaming.
@iamunr I really don't think it gained nearly the amount of market share Sony had hoped for out of a brand new IP with marketing behind it. And I was a day 1 adopter. It's not a knock on the title, but I strongly believe it would have done better today.
@andythegiant For sure... but do you think the 'user creation' market would exist as it does today - had LBP not existed then?
@iamunr I think most of the credit goes to Minecraft honestly.
@andythegiant Although even games like DOOM had level editors if I remembering correctly, right?

I put a massive amount of time into this game. I ended up not doing much creating, but I played a ton of levels. It's kind of difficult to navigate through the levels to find a specific one, but if you're just interested in playing random levels, it's not difficult to get started.


Tons of creation tools, nearly endless Mario levels.


Online features can be difficult to navigate.