Super Like on Tinder

Super Like makes you 3x as likely to get a Tinder match

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Super Like is a brand new Tinder superpower that makes you 3x as likely to get a match. When viewing someone’s Tinder profile, you can send them a Super Like by tapping the new star icon, or with a Swipe Up. The person you Super Liked will notice – they'll see your profile highlighted in bright blue and you’ll be one of the first people they view. Conversations initiated by a Super Like last 70% longer and the initial feedback has been amazing. In the words of the product announcement: “We first launched Super Like in Australia just a few weeks ago, and the results have been amazing – users are three times more likely to match with someone they Super Like and conversations initiated by a Super Like last 70% longer. We wanted Super Likes to be really special while making sure everyone can use them, so to start we’re giving Tinder users one Super Like to send each day. You can’t bank Super Likes, so use your daily Super Like, and use it wisely!” Read the full product announcement below and give someone a Super Like right now 🙌.
@jmj I love the direction. I'm curious if you guys experimented with allowing users to include a short message with the Super Like to make it even more special/personalized
@vesln @jmj We discussed this but deemed it too obtrusive. Certainly a possibility for the future. We aimed to create the least amount of friction in order to create a super like which necessitated little to no work.
@vesln Thanks for the feedback. I'll bring the product team on PH to answer more questions tomorrow if anyone else is curious about the story behind the product. Ask away! 😁
Can we PLEASE distinguish the difference between a FEATURE and a PRODUCT? @rrhoover
@taykcrane ideally we'd connect all posts together, from initial launch to update. We're not there yet, focused on some bigger updates on PH.
Had a discussion about this today, the general thought was that Super Like makes you 3 times more creepy and actually has a negative impact on your chance of being matched. I would love to know the statistics of how well these features work in different cities/states/countries etc. I see this feature working better in areas with more users. Also, if I accidentally super like one of the thousand bots in my area, does my super like get refunded once their account gets suspended for spam?
hey @jmj this is pretty interesting.