Super Flappy Goat

Just like Flappy Bird, but goat!

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In honor of the IOS launch of Goat Sim, I thought it'd be good to post their lesser known goat game... ๐Ÿ˜„
Baaaaaaah day ever
@syswarren my best score is 12... >_>
I can't believe this! Goat simulator and flappy goat on product hunt the same day! C'mon guys...
@duplikey Flappy Goat has been out for a while, but no one posted it...nnYou can also play it while you're playing Goat Sim...nnGoat-ception!!
@machinehuman that was not my point :) I meant... this is the place for "the best new products" and those two games are not in my idea of "best new products"!
@duplikey That's fair. But best to you vs someone else is different, no?
@machinehuman of course ;) But as a game dev I'm always quite surprised to see people excited for this kind of games :)
@duplikey They were as surprised by it too!nn