Instant file sharing without cloud storage

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Sunshine enables you to access and share files instantly without uploading to the cloud and downloading to each local device. No more file size limits, no more wasting time waiting for uploads, and no more wasted cloud or device storage. Share and stream instantly.
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Thanks so much for recommending us, Dave. You’re the best! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Nicole Kim, the CEO & Founder of Sunshine App. We’re really excited for this new release - now you can send any file of any size without any limits. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions. Thanks, everyone, so much for your support! Love & Sunshine, Nicole
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@nicole_kim @davemcclure Slick UX. Would love to hear what another use case is for this? (Other than photos)
@stvmcg The use cases are unlimited. Our niche is large files - the larger the file, the bigger our advantage over other services, but really, users can share and access any type/ size of file. 1. Sunshine lets you create your own personal network of devices. You can store files on your PC, access them through your phone while you’re on-the-go, and and even stream videos on your tablet in bed. In this way, you turn your PC into your own personal storage vault. [And you can even share any of these files with your friends.] An example would be having a business presentation on your laptop and accessing it on your mobile. Taking it one step further, you could share this presentation to a colleague or client without being near the computer. Another example would be to stream videos from one device to another. If you're commuting, you can catch up those TV shows you have downloaded to your other devices 2. Sunshine lets you share content [from any of your devices] to others. We're perfect for sending those 2 - 3 minute videos that are too large to send via regular messaging apps, but we can just as easily send image-heavy keynote presentations, design files, data-heavy excel files, HD videos, etc. I know, personally, I am sick of getting the 'You have exceeded the maximum file limit' to send via email. 3. Sunshine lets you view content without downloading it to your local device. This makes receiving content instant... and it saves your device memory. Have you ever had to delete photos, videos or apps because you did not have enough storage space on your device? Now, when friends use Sunshine to send photos, videos or music to you, you can view/ listen to it without having to download it first and save it to your device. For example, if your friend send a 1GB video from karaoke-ing the night before, you won't have to wait for it to download to your phone - and you don't have to save it at all [you can if you want!] 4. Sunshine lets you stream media to any DLNA-enabled device, e.g. smart TV, playstation, speakers, etc. If you're at a family reunion, you can stream videos/ photos to the living TV for everyone to watch. You can stream movies from your tablet to your TV while you're in bed. You can stream music from your phone to speakers. Hope this helps - please let me know if you have any other questions! Nicole
Great product here. Biased of course but it works bloody well.
@marvinliao Thanks! This means a lot :)
I downloaded this app. It's flippin' awesome.
@kyudlee Thank you!!!
Love this product so much I'll sing: 'You are my Sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray!'