Sunrise Meet

The fastest way to schedule a one-to-one meeting

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Meet is a keyboard for Android and iOS that lets you select available time slots in your calendar without leaving the app you’re in and send them to anyone through a simple link, even if they don’t use Sunrise. No more back-and-forth via email, no more time lost switching to your schedule to find the right times, your calendar is always just one tap away :)
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@alice_default Gif keyboards, etc. are nice BUT this is definitely the most useful one I've seen!
@alice_default Great idea! Very intuitive.
@alice_default like you (all here) we got fed up with the constant back and forth you always seem to have to go through whenever you want to get a simple one-on-one appointment. 😖 That's why, 3 years after this post, we created Rendez; a very simple way to make an appointment. 😎 Reid Hoffman told us to launch early, so here it is. 🚀 We’re really looking for feedback on what to improve next. Let us know below and we’ll work on that.
Hands down the most clever use of custom keyboards I've seen yet.
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@adamsigel thanks Adam!
I tried so many different apps to eliminate the finding a time back and forth nonsense. It looks good and I really like what Sunrise has done with the calendar so far.
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@lalleclausen thanks for posting Meet!
@lalleclausen thanks a solution to a very real problem ...
I used to love this too... what is everyone switching to now that they're shutting it down?
Have been using it for several weeks and each time I use it, it has been a delight. Congrats to @pierrevalade @jeremylv and co