Sunrise for iPad

Sunrise for iPad, Week view and background sync

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Hi there, We designed a whole new experience for Sunrise on iPad, added a 3-day week view in portrait and much more. This is just the beginning as we're planning to bring the Sunrise experience on Android and desktop. We are continuously improving the product and we would love to hear your feedback.
Nice catch @_jacksmith! We updated our blog URL. The correct one is:
Welcome, @jeremylv! As you know, I’m a big fan of Sunrise (and so are many others — here’s the previous thread posted by @SoleneMa: Why did you choose to build an iPad version vs. improving the existing mobile app?
As we're going more and more mobile. We realized there are days where we don’t even use a computer. People want to be productive anywhere at any time, and work from their iPad. This is the reason why we built Sunrise for the iPad. More improvements are on their way for both iPhone and iPad such as support for Exchange, search, etc.
@jeremylv - what's the craziest product idea you've come up with but didn't implement with Sunrise?