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#4 Product of the DayMarch 19, 2019
Sunlight is a platform for companies looking to grow a highly engaging learning culture at work by empowering your team to access any course, book, or event in the world.
  • andy whyte 🌐
    andy whyte 🌐Poq #appcommerce

    Great idea, encourages self improvement across my team, intuitive interface, the timeline is great for discovery, approvals are ace


    I'd love the request process to be a little more streamlines

    More integration with Amazon for books - I don't know if it's possible, but a great feature would be if it pulled in product info from the URL. Also, if it remembered my addresses so I don't have to re-type.

    andy whyte 🌐 has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Simple, intuitive, I like the user interface and the amazing customer support.


    I would love to include old transactions into the system.

    As mentioned, the customer support is one of the best ones I have experienced in online products. They are friendly, fast and super professional. Before using Sunlight, it was a chaos for us to control the educational budget in our different teams using excel, but since we introduced it, it's one issue less we need to worry about.

    Juan Vicci has used this product for one month.
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I thought this was Spotify at first glance of the video 😂
Juan Andres Lagrange
Juan Andres LagrangeMaker@jalagrange · Founder & CEO Sunlight
Thanks @rrhoover ! We will take it as a compliment :) We definitely took a lot of inspiration from them as we believe they have a great UX that people can feel familiar with and works great for our use cases.
Juan Andres Lagrange
Juan Andres LagrangeMaker@jalagrange · Founder & CEO Sunlight
Hello! Product Hunt community 👋 Designing for how people will learn and grow in the coming years is what our 12 person team dreams about every night. Over the past decade we have built learning & development programs on every continent (except Antartica 😊) Over half of today’s jobs are at risk of being eliminated or significantly altered in the next 15 years. For millennials this has made training the most valuable benefit a company can offer. To prepare us for this future, we built Sunlight to organize and make all of the world’s learning opportunities accessible. Even more important than the functionality of our product, we are making it easy for companies of all sizes to create an engaging learning culture. With Sunlight you can just assign a learning budget and enjoy the beautifully curated experience given your learner profile. · Our analytics dashboards keep HR managers, CFOs and CEOs happy. · Our personalized recommendations keep your team members happy while growing. · Our Slack Integrations and social activity feeds keep people engaged and aware of the diverse learning opportunities grasping their colleagues’ enrollment. We envision a future where everyone has access to any learning opportunity and the resources allocated to pursue those opportunities with as little friction as possible. All the support in growing your people! With Gratitude, Juan Lagrange CEO PS. Thanks to @jtzou for hunting us!!
Jonathan Tzou
Jonathan TzouHunter@jtzou · Co-Founder, Rupie // Founder, Optix Data
Been following Sunlight for awhile now...and I'm *so* excited to see them launch the service I believe will fundamentally change the way employees access continued learning content from within. So many employees sit on unused continued learning budgets because searching for content is too much of a hassle, the approval process is too convoluted, or the motivations just aren't there. I admire the Sunlight team for trying to change this and cannot wait to see the ripple effect it will have on industries for years to come ☀️
Solving a real problem and curating great content, definitely worth checking out for a team! Pros: The platform looks awesome, and I'm sure the learning metrics, featured content + dashboard get even better when a whole team in onboarded (as opposed to using it as an individual) Cons: none so far Congrats on the launch!
Brandon Walker
Brandon Walker@thatoastman · Research Intern, Genentech
How did you make this website/landing page its beautiful! Did you use a particular landing page service or was it from scratch?
Carlos Lagrange
Carlos LagrangeMaker@carlosxcl · Founder @Sunlight
@thatoastman Thanks! Made from scratch with Webflow. Gotta thank @bryantchou for that magnificent marvel of a product. Our UI is also built on it. Do check out if you want to build anything on the web :)