SunFarmer Gift Cards

Power earthquake recovery in Nepal with solar.

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I did YC with these guys, they're awesome! And if you want to support a non-profit that truly efficiently and thoughtfully puts dollars to work -- this is the one to support.
@eglyman Thanks. It has been great to have the Y Combinator team and alumni behind us!
Hi everybody, this is Andy one of the co-founders of SunFarmer! SunFarmer is a nonprofit on a mission to make solar the most reliable and affordable source of energy in the developing world. We launched SunFarmer gift cards so you can help provide critical electricity to hospitals, schools, and farms in post-earthquake Nepal, and set the country on a path to a clean energy future. We opened our Nepal office in 2013, and watched in horror as Nepal was struck by a devastating set of earthquakes in April of this year. The earthquakes resulted in 9,000 deaths and destroyed more than 800,000 homes, health clinics and schools. After careful consideration with our Nepali partners, we realized that SunFarmer is uniquely positioned to help. We have a Kathmandu-based engineering team, extensive local partnerships, and a track record of building complex energy projects in Nepal. Since April, we have raised over $150,000 and provided free solar energy systems for lighting, phone charging and water purification at over 80 sites in earthquake-affected regions in Nepal. SunFarmer is a 501(c)3 US and Canadian nonprofit, and all proceeds from the SunFarmer holiday gift cards will go towards implementing solar energy projects in Nepal. To read more about the earthquake relief projects we have done so far, please see our website: Happy to answer any questions from the community!
Hey everyone! I am the other co-founder of SunFarmer. Thrilled to be part of a team helping Nepal recover and build back better with solar. Please let us know if you any questions on what we do, our impact, and how we put your dollars to work in bringing reliable energy to the people of Nepal.
These guys are making a huge impact with limited resources. I've never met a stronger team to do what they do.
@tao_tristan Thanks Tristan! Glad to have you in our corner :)
I've known these guys since they started out and they're making an incredible impact in Nepal. Awesome way to make your gift or donation go really far with environmental, social, and economic impact.