SunDrift Eco-Friendly Backpacking Gear

Sustainable, so it's light on your back & easy on the planet

SunDrift created new 55-litre backpacks that are light on your back & easy on the planet. Made primarily from recycled plastic, these backpacks are built to fit female curves. Features include built-in safety elements, a rain cover, and easy 360 accessibility.
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Hey! I'm Fiona, founder of SunDrift. At SunDrift our mission is to create travel gear that is light on your back and easy on the planet. That's why we've created sustainable 55-litre travel backpacks made primarily from recycled plastic (PET). Our products are designed to fit female curves comfortably, have built in safety features (such as a whistle and hidden pockets), and are lightweight and durable. The idea for the products came from my own personal frustrations with the range (or lack of!) backpacks on the market for female travel enthusiasts. While on a solo backpacking trip earlier this year, I discovered I wasn't alone as I heard other female backpackers complaining about this from dorm to dorm. I am open to suggestions and feedback, regarding both our products and website. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts! We would like to offer a 5% discount to the Product Hunt community, simply enter code "PH5" on checkout. Plus you will also benefit from free delivery :) Cheers!
Super excited to see this meaningful project come to life! Not only is it *so* refreshing to see a new backpack offering that's easier on the planet, but finally one that's a female-first fit. So excited to see these out in the wild 🏝
@sararahmcb Thanks Sarah, it's so great to hear your enthusiasm! If you have any suggestions on our website or product offering, do feel free to let me know 🤗
The designs for this really are great! I love that it's recycled and it being female first is a breathe of fresh air in the backpack / travel industry!
@aaronoleary Thanks Aaron! Yes they are definitely easy-on-the-eye but also functional and practical.
I love a brand that understands the need to be sustainable 🙌
Big on the idea of bringing sustainability and travel together. Super cool!