Sumo Jerky

Birchbox for beef jerky

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This started as a 24-hour business challenge by @noahkagan. I remember receiving an email about this at that time from Noah, but I didn't bite (pun intended). I love jerky but it's a bit pricey. If "birchbox for jerky" isn'tyour thing, there's also one for chocolate, dips, and bacon.
@noahkagan, can producers reach out to you for distribution? if so, how? have a good friend in SF making a product called Grassroots Jerky ( who'd love to be in a box one month!
@daveambrose awesome. yes, have them email me. Ryan@sumojerky
It looks like your shifting focus to more business customers? curious if this is just an A/B test or a long term play?
@dswiese B2B focus was an A/B test initially, then it worked, so I left as is for 8 months. About to be doing more A/B testing soon.
@ryanluedecke stick with what works right? ;) I just shipped my first subscription box to our customer base and have been following you all for awhile. Great to see things going well.
Just tried this month's jerky - it was awe.some.