Non-fiction book summaries that make you go "Aha!" 💡

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 03, 2020
Are you tired of 15-min-or-less book summaries that cut out all the beautiful details?
Meet Summerian!
Summerian helps you attain knowledge more effectively through high-quality summaries of best-selling non-fiction. Use code PHSUM30 to get 30% off!
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Greeting Hello PH folks from the beautiful Vietnam 🇻🇳 It’s near Tet holiday here and we decided to launch this product so everyone can have a joyful New Year’s Eve with their families! About product Summerian is a book summary app that delivers text and audio summaries of best-selling non-fiction. It is available on iOS (iPhone, iPad, Watch), TvOS (Apple TV) and Web. The Android version is coming out real soon! What makes Summerian different? There are many big names on the market already. However, many people complained about the quality of their summaries: too many details are cut off, making it hard to understand the subject (and also the book) thoroughly. That’s the pain that Summerian is trying to solve. We try to deliver summaries that can give “aha” moments to people. Rather than trimming the summaries down to under 15 minutes, we focus on perfecting each and every summary until they fully and beautifully reflect the whole book. What is next? We have two big missions in 2020: - Expand the categories and book titles that we can cover - Collect feedback about the summaries’ content, adjust and innovate the editorial system (Hey, that’s why we’re here! 👋) Note: We have a community of early adopters! Also, we’ll launch the Android version shortly after this, probably in mid-Feb 2020. Android users, sorry for the long wait! Special discount for PH I grow from the support of the PH community, so I’ve always wanted to return the favor. You can use the code PHSUM30 to get Summerian for 30% off all plans. Note that it can be used only on the web version, at checkout. Let’s stay in touch! You can always send me a personal question at or get help from our support via: Twitter: Facebook:
@summerian @nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 WOOOHOOO!!!! CONGRATULATIONS ALAN FOR THE LAUNCH!!! this is soooo sooo good, much love from Singapore
@summerian @fajarsiddiq Thanks Fajar! Love your enthusiasm!
@summerian @nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 @fajarsiddiq thank you so much. sending you love of our team <3
The reviews are in-depth enough to retain the core lesson, at the same time re-written to be more approachable by all readers: simple, clear. I dig the original covers also, hope to hear better news about Summerian.
@cao_khanh Thanks so much for your kind review :D Did you listen to the audio version?
I like the approach. With my ADHD it's really hard to read and keep focus but your summaries are nice. The code does not work and there's no iOS app :(
@felipe_millan Thanks for the feedback Felipe! Apple is reviewing our product and we'll soon update the iOS link for you guys!
Cool product, but I can't get the sign in with Apple to work. Tried multiple browsers :(
@orvik Thanks Marius! Could you refresh your browser and try again?
@orvik @nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 Same here with Safari (no content blockers).. I see the native alert pop up, type in my Apple password, see a Summerian spinner, then it just stays on the sign in screen
@orvik @nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 bummer -- im having the same issue too.
@orvik @joesunga Got it you guys! There's a small bug here. I'm working with my dev team to fix it! Big thanksss
@orvik @joesunga @nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 was going to report the same issue. Wanted to check the comments to make sure it wasn't redundant. (Oops!) Excited to try it, btw ✨
I have followed Bill Gates for a long time because he's such a famous reader. Just realize that this app will be helpful for those who wanna be like Bill Gates.
@me_dreamie Thanks Simon! Bill Gates does take a lot of notes, which is exactly how we summarize the books here :)