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Facebook Messenger AI assistant now open to everyone in US

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Me: [gets excited] Facebook: [US only 😃] Me: 😢
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@kraig_walker1 so maybe they should put it on the title. If you say everyone I'll expect to be available worldwide ;)
Good writeup on Facebook M suggestions by @JoshConstine in TechCrunch: Write “You owe me $20” and Messenger will suggest you use its payments feature. If someone says “goodbye,” Messenger will recommend a “bye-bye” GIF. That’s how Facebook’s new M Suggestions work. Facebook’s artificial intelligence assistant will privately interject these recommendations above the redesigned one-line message composer in your Messenger conversations, and your friends won’t see the results unless you approve. M Suggestions roll out to all iOS and Android users in the U.S. today, with more countries coming.
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Preview of what's in store for Siri in iOS 11?
Messenger gets more and more powerful every day. With Suggestions for M they can keep the UI simple but the UX powerful. I'm loving this addition.
ProductHunt notification - "Facebook M is now open for everyone" me - "YAY" *opens ProductHunt* "Facebook Messenger AI assistant now open to everyone in US" me - OK