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☕ So excited to finally hunt @kallefreese's Sudden Coffee! The New York Times calls it Instant Coffee You’ll Actually Want to Drink and I'd have to agree. As a coffee snob, Kalle knows his shit — he's literally the 9th best coffee taster and 9th best barista in the world. I've been taking Sudden with me on trips and love it — it saves me from overroasted, charcoal-like coffee found at megabrands around the world, packs light, and most importantly, tastes great. Subscriptions start at $24/month, and for a limited time, you can get 10% off FOR LIFE with my referral link. Kalle has told me that he's only going to keep subscriptions open through this coming Monday because he's nearly at capacity, so I'd highly recommend you get in and lock in an early bird relationship. You'll thank me later.
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@chrismessina Thanks for hunting Chris!
@chrismessina @kallefreese Hey Chris or Kalle, I'm excited about the launch and have been following since the early days. The only objection I raised was that the price point was high (IIRC it was ~$5 per tube). It looks like you've been able to bring it down a bit and I'm excited to try. Can you comment on what the shelf life is considering it's pre-ground? Have you tried using brewing methods like an AeroPress or french press besides just mixing it in a cup?
@kicksopenminds @chrismessina We're now at $2.50-3 per cup depending on the plan 👌 The shelf life is much much longer. In the tubes ≈ 6 weeks and in the next version of fully sealed packaging easily 3-4 months. Do you mean brewing the coffee in Aeropress as in adding coffee + water? There will be barely anything left.
@kallefreese @chrismessina That is what I meant, but perhaps a more interesting question is what brewing methods have / haven't worked for you to create Sudden? I'm curious if by "hand crafted" you mean with a V60 etc or some other process to yield the "crystallized" coffee?
I trust @chrismessina on all things coffee, and just locked-in a subscription today. I'm excited to keep some vials in my bag! Although, I'm going to have a tough time walking past my favorite NYC spots :-D
I've been a subscriber since Sudden got started, and I'll vouch that the coffee is delicious and energizing. Highly recommend.
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@antonber Thanks Anton 💪🏻
Hey @rrhoover I deliver you a bunch of Sudden a month or two ago - how did you & the team like it?
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@rrhoover I guess Philz got the better of us 😁😸
The first time I tried Sudden Coffee was eye-opening - I took my first sip, and... right there was a shockingly good cup of coffee, like I had just made a pourover at home. It's been so much fun to share my subscription with friends; it really changes their preconceptions of what instant coffee can be. One question @kallefreese - what do you think are the best use cases for Sudden? I already take it with me on trips to avoid bad airplane coffee, but I'm sure you have plenty of other ideas.
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Thanks @mmolesky! I never used to drink coffee at home in the mornings (ironic, right?). Now I take a cup of cold water, put it in the microwave for 90 sec and mix in one tube of coffee. It's just soooo easy and tasty.
I've tasted it, and it tastes awesome. Great convenience factor also
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack. Which would be your ideal situation for Sudden?
@kallefreese I've tried it as a cold brew and as a hot brew. Actually an ideal use case that I'd found is mixing it with ice cream. Previously I'd mixed ground coffee beans with icecream, but you end up with a weird texture and a sand-like consistency. Sudden Coffee is ideal for this usecase, as it actually dissolves really easily due to the different process of how it's made.
@_jacksmith Agree that it's super delicious with ice cream 🍦⚡️