Subscriptions by Cashfree

A comprehensive recurring payment solution for India 🇮🇳

Subscriptions⌛ by Cashfree allows online businesses & merchants to collect recurring payments easily.
With support for debit cards, credit cards, and eNACH and eMandates, Subscriptions by Cashfree is the most versatile model for collecting recurring payments.
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Hi PH 👋🏻, I'm Akash, the Co-Founder of Cashfree. Firstly, many thanks to @nivasravi for hunting us 🙏😊 Today we are glad to introduce Subscriptions by Cashfree, built to help Indian and global businesses operating in India collect recurring payments. Recurring payments are fast catching up in India. With the introduction of subscription-based services like Netflix📺, Spotify, and others like furniture renting 🛋️ etc, and the rapidly growing SaaS business in India, there is a need for payment solutions that make accepting recurring payments easy. Subscriptions by Cashfree offers the most versatile set of payment modes for recurring payments - ✅ Credit Cards ✅ Debit Cards ✅ eMandates via Debit Cards and Net Banking How do Subscriptions work: 1) Create a subscription plan via Dashboard or API. 2) Add subscribers by sharing link over SMS, email or Whatsapp 3) User authorizes the future payments The payments are collected automatically based on the set service conditions 💸💸. This works seamlessly if you are already using Cashfree’s payment gateway and it requires no change to implement subscriptions. Features:- ✅ A variety of subscription-based billing models -On-demand or periodic ✅ Zero IT dependency - No coding required. You can set up subscription plans with Cashfree’s dashboard without the need to write a single line of code ✅ Advanced analytics - Stay on top of every subscription plan details with the dashboard or Cashfree APIs. ✅ Upfront charge facility - Got upfront charges? Charge your customers a one-time fee at the start of service along with recurring payments. [LIVE PREVIEW] If you are using an Indian bank account, you can check if your account supports recurring payments! Just comment #subscriptions We would love to take your questions and receive feedback. If there is any specific request please do share them in the comment section. Looking forward to your feedback. 🛎️PS: The Product Hunt 🐈community is invited to try out Subscriptions by Cashfree. Use coupon code ‘PHSUBS’ during sign-up and accept emandate payments at Zero TDR.
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@sha26 If I have a Crazy idea for a web app, would you allow me to integrate your payment gateway into my app?!
Hey @naveen_y, you can write to us at Our team will understand your requirement and will try to help you. :)
Best solution for every type of subscriptions involved businesses.
#subscriptions Would love to check.
@hobsdk Hey, have DMed you the details, pls check. :)
Big product and a much needed piece of infrastructure for powering modern commerce. What elements of your go-to-market for this product are going to set you apart from your competitors? All the best!
@liam_roberts Thanks for asking the question. Subscription as a payment service is under-utilised in India. One major reason has been the infra support. Only credit cards used to support subscription (recurring) payments and their penetration is low. Less than 5% of bank account holders have Credit Cards. Cashfree subscription removes this restriction and let a business set up recurring debit on a customer's bank account directly. The customer has to authenticate one-time via their bank's netbanking portal or debit card to sign up for subscription services. This would make subscription business models very smooth to run, as you can target 100% of your potential customers and not limited with ones who have Credit Cards. Hope it helps!
As an individual maker, I want to introduce subscription model for my SAAS product from India. Will I be able to use the subscriptions by Cashfree ?
@sandeep_acharya Yes, that's one of the best use cases for subscription feature.
@sha26 Do I need to register myself as a business in India? I once tried Razorpay, they had this requirement.