Rewire your brain with subliminal messages on your Mac

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Interesting idea! Reminds me of this medium post about how changing a password can change your life.
At first I thought this was annotated marketing copy but it's actually a screenshot of how the app works: Subliminal displays a message you choose for a fraction of a second on your Mac, to help people be more productive, quit smoking, be happier, etc.
@rrhoover Installed it a few weeks ago and I am loving it. I am finding it really does change my mood throughout the day and remind me of what's important.
This is great. I'd love to see subliminal messages in some other product, messages like, "You should upgrade" or "Tell your friends" and see if there's any measurable impact. But seriously, I think the brain has an easier time processing images... in other words, emojis might work better. :)