A simple subtitle downloader for Windows

Subchan is a subtitle downloader for windows. It's fast and it works better than any other subtitle downloader on the internet. Designed specifically to download a subtitle in 3 simple clicks. [Refer the gallery]

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Can you put a 'newsletter/notifiy' form to know when multilingual come out?
@hotgeart I will put up one and let you know :)
@hotgeart And from the 2nd update onwards there will be an auto update system integrated into the application as well :)
I've been looking for something like this for a long time!
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@emmataylor8 Glad you like it :)
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@hotgeart Subchan newsletter form is now online, Look under Coming soon :)
@breacher is it using opensubtitles database ?
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@meshoo12 it does use os API
the application was detected as malware by my antivirus, and it does not work.