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omg! i've been thinking something like this needs to exist! the amount of dresses, especially female college students (a bit older), need is far beyond what most could afford!
The female side of ProductHunt should show full support :)
Happy to get more women on Product Hunt! Like most early techy communities, it's a bit of a sausage fest right now. :)
Thank you @imkialikethecar ..... It's interesting that is exactly the reaction I get from 98% of the women. Do you live in SF?
@Au_Lona you're welcome! When I was in college, I needed 2-3 outfits/dresses per week to keep up with my social life -- def did a lot of borrowing/lending with my girlfriends! and yes, SF resident over here :) @rrhoover I'm just going to high five myself for being a girl and user #76 on here ;)