A bot that turns your photos into paintings

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Stylebox is a bot for fb messenger which detects style of famous paintings and applies that style to your photos.
hi there, for all producthunters daily quota of 10 images was waived, just enter text 'produchunter' (without quotation marks) and you can process any number of images you like, kik bot is coming soon
Clicked "Get It" - took me to download FB Messenger... Fail.
@stephenalan it is fail of your phone :D, do you have fb messenger installed?
@vradu7 no, and I refuse to install it so I guess it is a fail of my phone. Everyone seems to lose sight of the fact that FB pretty much becomes big brother when you have their messenger. No thanks.
@stephenalan Looks like it's just proxying Prisma, which you can download on iOS and Android.
@bitandbang @stephenalan yeah it is pretty similar to prisma but you dont have to download and install anything it is like your friend with whom you can chat any time and he will reply