Anonymously chat with strangers on Facebook Messenger

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Ha! So this happened on my first anonymous chat:
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Great chatting @rrhoover!
@rrhoover -- Any plans of creating anonymous chat messenger for Product hunters...?? It would be cool....
@raminjpr I think someone else just did 😜
That's why I love the internet so much! I spoke to a very nice guy from Netherlands and it was very cool. Great product :)
@urieli17 I was about to crack a deal, the guy hit thumbs up on my idea. Chat ended :) Lost the deal.
@acpmasquerade @urieli17 Lol. It's kinda #NotCool to designated the end conversation function to a thumbs up emoji.
Hey PH community, this is Zain, creator of Chatible. Just wanted to say I'm very glad y'all have had good experiences with it so far, and I appreciate every piece of feedback here! :D
@zamro I would love to have "typing ..." text to appear when they are typing ;)
@kamran_ahmed @zamro Thumbs up to stop the conversion needs to be replaced with something else. Thumbs up is very common gesture in today world communication.
One of the first bots I've spent more than a few seconds on, seems like a cool concept for FB Messenger
I just spoke to a guy from New Zealand and had an interesting conversation. I just hope this doesn't end up like Omegle.
@nadsaeae If we talked about New Zealand being in the future and you being in the past, then that was me!