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Hi Product Hunters! First off, we should introduce ourselves. Style Girlfriend is an online men's lifestyle publication offering curated, trustworthy style and shopping shortcuts - all from a friendly female perspective. As in, want to look good for your wife, your girlfriend, or that cute girl at the end of the bar...without having to ask them what they think you look good in? We’ve got you covered. We don't go deep on the history of tweed or cover the latest sneaker drops (if you’re into that sort of stuff, cool! There’s a ton of places online that can hook you up). We’re for the guy who wants to get in and out of his closet in the morning *fast.* The guy who wants to look good because he knows the kind of confidence dressing like a champ imparts. He’s interested in living his best life, and he knows outsourcing some of the heavy lifting can help. For him, Style Girlfriend is like Seamless, but for his wardrobe. Followers buzz us across every channel for advice personalized to their lifestyles, budgets, and body types; we wanted to find a way to funnel those questions into one place. On-demand messaging puts Style Girlfriend in their pocket, and personalized support just a text away. We’re leveraging Smooch, a multi-channel messaging integration, to connect Twilio’s SMS service with Slack’s seamless business channels for a seamless user experience. We’ll be hanging here for the day, would love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you may have!
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@megan_stylegf Looks like a gd second opinion to typical "dress tips" from my better half. Signed up!
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Kind of love that we're in the same company as Invisible Girlfriend ;)
@megan_stylegf ha! The irony.
There is absolutely no one more qualified and experienced to launch this. Megan and her team live and breathe this life and it's amazing to see the evolution of Style Girlfriend from media resource to now as a service. To the guys: if shopping or style's not your thing – but dressing 'right' for work, dates, and life events is something you know you need to get behind – don't hesitate, sign up now and you'll be out of square-toe shoes in no time.
@joseph Can we send you into Time Square with a megaphone? You totally nailed what we're about and who we're for. Thank you, Joseph!!
This seems super convenient and low barrier to use for dudes. Can women sign up their significant others? (asking for a friend... 😏). Also, can someone take a photo of their wardrobe and get help on putting an outfit together? HMU when you can do this for women.... 🆘
@polly_claire Haha, we haven't gotten any questions from women asking on behalf of their significant others...yet, but we'd be happy to help any ladies in menswear despair! As for putting together a look from a guy's existing wardrobe, we can definitely help zero in on pieces he already owns - we're all about shopping your own closet!
Please make "NO FLIP-FLOPS" a default response.
@robynchaaang Our first bot response to be programmed, I promise :)