Studious 2.0

Organize your homework, exams, and classes all in one place!

I would be all over this during the school year, but unfortunately it's summer now. And I would need the Android version.
@ninjinka You can sign up for a mailing list to get notified when the Android apps launches. It's at the bottom of the webpage ( next to the download link.
Hello Everyone! It's been about 10 months from Studious's initial launch and since then I've incorporated a lot of amazing features onto the app. For those of you who are new to the app, Studious is an IOS application that helps students organize their homework, exams, classes, contacts (professors), and notes all in one place. In this major update I've incorporated the following features: - A brand new design: Studious features a new "Card UI" design where information is stored onto cards that seem as if they lift off the background of the app in order to show some depth. - An interactive calendar: Studious now features a calendar where students can tap on a date and find out what assignments and exams fall on that date. Students will also be able to quickly add assignments, notes, and exams simply by tapping and holding on a date in order to activate a menu (this menu is called the "quick menu"). - The ability to scan documents: With Studious, you can now scan and print documents straight from your iPhone. Need to have a backup document to print at school? Studious has you covered! - An Apple Watch Companion app: Studious will automatically send your homework, exams, and class schedule to your Apple Watch so that you can view and mark-off tasks throughout the day. - A redesigned contacts page: Studious now allows you to call, email, and store your professors office hours all in one app. Studious has come a long way since it's initial launch and I'm proud to see it's progression. There are more surprises coming soon. The Android app is currently in development. Here are a few promo codes! FL4N3LFW4PH6 PRRP3FWPTKAR 3KXX7KKRKX74 AY9F9N4YWHHJ XH47PLLY377K EAAKAREJYNP7
@_guled_ Any place I can give you my email to stay in the loop for the Android version?
@sahilc0 I'll be making a newsletter soon. For now following @_Studious_ on twitter is an alternative. All updates will be made there.
@_guled_ @_studious_ Sure, but very easy to miss things on Twitter. just sayin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@sahilc0 You're right, I'll go make one right now.
@sahilc0 Android update form is ready. It's at the bottom of the webpage next to the download link. 👌
Seems good on site. Only bad timing to launch (in most countries there are exams now/just passed and summer is coming). And add Android (not all students are using Apple, - I can only speak for European unis - Apple is dying here, Linux and Android win).
Any plans for an Amazon Alexa skill or Pebble app?
@askdaylen I'm always open to using new devices. I'll definitely consider both your recommendations. The Amazon Alexa skill would be so fun to make! I got to go pick one up one of these days. 😄
Guled Ahmed, your contact page doesn't work! i would love to connect with you concerning this amazing product. Do you have an email?
@tayler2412 Hey Tayler, sorry about that! You can send me an email using this email address: