Automate your screencast videos for customer support.

No more hassle with recording your own screen. Studio1 is the first-ever solution to automate screencast videos for customer support, marketing and sales. Using simple text, you create a manuscript, which we instantly turn into video of your webapp.

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Hello Hunters! After 6 months of exciting and challenging work, we’re finally ready to launch Studio1. I have founded software companies before, and I know the struggle of creating good screencast videos for customer support. It’s a daunting task as you’re faced with moving your mouse smoothly, avoiding typos, not mumbling, being confronted with your own voice and having to re-record over and over again. When your product changes, you have to redo them all over again. That’s why we created Studio1. Our coolest feature, called Live Manuscript, lets you control a remote browser inside Studio1. As you click and type, Studio1 adds your actions to a manuscript. Studio1 will repeat these actions when you render the final video, giving you a smooth-looking video no matter how unsmooth your movements may be while recording. To get voice-over, you simply write what you want it to say, and our synthetic voices generate high-quality audio for you. You can also choose to use your own voice if synthetic voices are not your style. As your software evolves, all you have to do to re-render a video is click a button. We welcome you to try Studio1. We would love your feedback so please don’t hesitate to ask questions. Thanks, Sebastian
Studio 1 is great. I introduced it to one of our CSMs and he immediately started creating professional customer support videos. What I like about it is the possibility to also easily maintain and regenerate these videos when you are e.g. doing small design updates to your website.
Been using this product for a little while now. The number #1 time consuming thing when we want to create quick screen recordings for our help center or emails is messing up with typo's or clicking the wrong stuff in our app. Instead of having to spend 1-2 hours on redoing the recording we spend time on the creative and narrative and have Studio1 to the heavy lifting. There still lots of things they could and should add to the product, but already now it's pretty f*** amazing.
This is very good , it is very helpful and there is a great experience in the field of Internet, which will prove to be of everyone's Interest.
One of the most innovative ideas I've seen in screen recording space, makes a ton of sense for a business that makes a lot of such videos. I also love that there's a lot of room down the road for process optimization, using AI etc, which will build a nice moat for you guys. 💪