Studio Case

A modular system to keep your design tools organized.

Machined in single pieces from gorgeous Pennsylvania hardwoods, the Studio Case is a stylish, modular system for artists, designers, and anyone who needs a studio on the go. Studio Case is infinitely changeable, with 3 choices for your modules: Pencil, Marker, and Utility Trays. Each one is handmade in Pittsburgh, PA. USA by KerfCase.

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Cool product! Love it.
@izemmour thanks! I’m glad you like it
I love products that make me want to be in their target market.
@joshuapinter I think that’s the nicest compliment I’ve gotten as a designer.
I am always happy to launch a new product here. I think the PH community is the best. If you’re thinking about getting a kit, you can take 25% off with the code BF25KERF for Black Friday.