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Hi, We have just launched our new product on Product Hunt. We'd like to hear your feedback. What is studio? Studio, aka the most fun messaging app of all times, allows you to be whoever you want, meet new people all around the world and show off your roleplaying skills. Choose your story from hundreds of different scenarios, pick your character and start chatting. You can be anyone, rewrite your favorite movies or change the course of history now.
Also fun: pretending to be Mr. T in Slack with the help of Slacker.
This is like... every conversation I have with other furries. (Spoiler: it's fun.) What I don't know is exactly how drawn "normal" people are to the idea. I imagine most social networks and messaging in general is driven by a sort of (I hate to pick the word) narcissism; people want their good parts, their activities and their wit, connected to themselves, and that's not as viable when you're pretending to be Spider-Man. Do you guys see that as a barrier, and how do you plan to work around it if so?
@hupfen it is very clever question :) i totally agree with you. We are developing v2 of studio. to be more engaging, we plan to... People can create cards with their chats. We are creating profile pages with users' cards. They will be displayed at profile pages We are also creating pages of films with these cards. It will be like "9gag of imdb". I also want to hear about your ideas.
@ozguralaz So, of course, I've been working on something similar. :) But in my case: 1. the RP characters are made just for the app, not existing properties 2. the RP is a means to an end, not the end itself 3. only one side is playing a character So I'm more concerned with quality of interactions. To that end, I've been looking a lot more at reputation topics; how do you rate people and apply/elucidate those ratings without breaking the illusion I'd have going. I suspect that's the best incentive I have available, since I'm yet to work out a plan for financial incentives. But, reputation alone is a strong motivator (see: Reddit karma), so I think those efforts you mention to attach people's creative work to their identity have some good merit. Also, with those plans, Studio kind of sounds like a potential engine for short-form and improvisational fanfiction. I haven't really thought about that space though, so I can't say I have much more feedback there.