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Studddent is a place to vote on and submit online services which offer a discount to students or educators.

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Hey Product Hunt! I’m excited to launch my first project here. Studddent is a place for college students, and educators to share high-quality student discounts that are available online. I was excited last fall when I started my first term at university to start taking advantage of all the student discounts that I’d heard about, they can turn out to be quite helpful as a broke student. I quickly compiled a spreadsheet of my favorites and asked other students to send me any good ones. I wanted a way to spread the word about good discounts, so I decided to create a place for people to share and vote on great student discounts, with the goal of creating a curated list of high-quality resources for students. Please submit any good online services which offer a student discount, and let me know if anything breaks! :) edit: Link to repo
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@calumptrck smart. Wish I had this when I was in school. Nice work!
@calumptrck Great work. If possible, try writing a script that scrapes different coupon sites for their student discount coupons.
love this simple and useful curated discount site, can a wordpress plugin do something like this?
Great work @calumptrck! The only issue I see right now is that the Spotify student discount is actually $5.99 not free while you are a student. I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next updates.
@3raxton Thanks Braxton! Good catch, fixed.
@calumptrck actually Spotify is $4.99 a month for students and that includes access to Hulu too.
@karstetter this is for US students. Not sure if this is worldwide.
@karstetter Nope ;) It's 4.99 euros over here for Premium only

Amazing resource


Highlighting of stuff that I previously found to be difficult to find on the web


Could be a bit more verbose, no option to suggest editing an existing item

Are these discounts for students at any uni in the world? :)
@ronald_klacman Some sort of tag would be helpful, like if you need an educational email, provide student card proof or if it's exclusive to a specific country
@ronald_klacman @thibmaekelbergh Hey! Tags are the next planned feature. Including eligibility, regions, and type of discount.