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Our vision is to establish the world’s best community for tech enthusiasts to share, learn, and build their careers. Sharing blogs, podcasts, articles, videos, courses ect. Built on our values of control, privacy & transparency.
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Hi all, I'm Dan, founder of Stryve (Formally Digital Profile). Over the last 6 months the business has been going through a transformation process, evaluating who we are, why we exist, and what we’re trying to achieve. We’ve created the foundations to help us grow, it’s time to take our vision to the next step! Our new platform you will be able to post, rate, suggest learning resources & ask for career guidance from the community. You’ll be able to follow friends and peers through their learning journey, and find out what people are learning. We’ll match you to relevant career opportunities, courses, books, meetups, people, and much more. This is a new chapter and I welcome any feedback.
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This looks really interesting Dan. It feels more like a social network to me. I recently left Facebook (after taking a break). There was lots I liked (the chance to connect, learn, share, etc.) but just too much I didn't like (the effect on mental health, the invasion of privacy, the questionable ethics, etc.). I'm sure I'm not alone. Is part of the move you've made here to capitalise on this feeling?
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@garethkthomas Yeah I've got fedup of junk "feeds". I wanted to create a place where you could actually find communities to be apart of from a learning sense & that was privacy focused.
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@danlewistech Sounds exciting. Looking forward to watching it grow.
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Great for community building! Excited to be a part of it.
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@zara_nanu Look forward to you sharing content :)
The product is looking excellent! Tech enthusiasts will find this massively helpful in navigating learning and building their networks. Well done everyone 👌
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@martin_shelford Thank you for all your support.
As an avid Quora reader I can definitely see the need for this - love it!
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@elliot_thomas Quora was one of the sites we researched :)