Strongr Fastr

Smart meal and training plans that work together

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 20, 2018

Strongr Fastr is a day-by-day plan to get you fit. It tells you what you need to eat and how you should workout in order to reach your fitness goals. The meal plans meet your macros and you can swap meals. The training plans are evidence-based and match your schedule/equipment needs. Strongr Fastr helps you lose fat, build muscle, and be healthier.

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Maybe it will be possible for you to someday integrate this with a grocery delivery service like AmazonFresh, so that an entire week's worth of meal plan ingredients could be added to your shopping cart. Buyer could then go through and remove ingredients which they already have in stock at home, and checkout with the rest.
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@cdfont Great point, we agree. That's been a feature we've thought about from the start. It's something we plan on adding in the future. Glad to hear there's interest in that feature.
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Thanks for hunting, @maryin140! What made you build this? :)
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@maryin140 @amrith I've been a fitness enthusiast pretty much my whole life. And when I started this project, there were a lot of calorie counting/food tracking apps and there were a lot of workout tracking apps. Apps that actually planned things out for you and really guided you in that process, rather than just retroactively tracking things were a lot rarer, and pretty much none of them did both the workout and meal planning. Also as far as meal planning apps go, pretty much all of them fail to create meal plans that a reasonable person would actually follow (think 90 ingredient long grocery lists). So I wanted to create something that combined really good, actually usable meal planning with really good guidance on picking and following a workout routine and Strongr Fastr is the result of that effort.
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I'm at intermediate but I my squat game is super weak. I can bench more than I can consistently squat. Per #broscience it's because I have lower back issues....

What made you build this?


What made you build this?


What made you build this?

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I downloaded the iOS app. Is this just a responsive website inside of an app?
@jxslepton sort of. It is a hosted single page app, but it uses Apache Cordova to access native features like notifications, in app purchases, etc.