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Hey everyone! I’m really excited to share with you, StrongIntro! We automate employee referrals by cross-referencing your team's social and professional networks to surface high quality engineers. Companies we've talked to used internal referrals to rapidly scale their teams and sustain that growth while still maintaining culture. For example, Stripe's team is 70% referrals. Employees usually recommend candidates from their memory which will miss most of their network and using referral bonuses doesn't help, so we built a tool to automate the incredibly tedious process of going through everyone in your network. We’ll be here all day so we’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts and suggestions :)
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We love using StrongIntro at OnboardIQ. I've seen Fouad and Tieshun work countless hours on StrongIntro and feel inspired every time I see their graph grow - they've been working on this for awhile now and it's incredible to see this live. Keep on hustling fellas, and congrats!
@jjeremycai Thanks Jeremy! It's been great to have committed early adopters like OnboardIQ :)
We use it at Segment and love it. Nicely done Fouad and team!
@ivolo Thanks Ilya!
Amazing team behind this! I know the recruiting team at Airbnb is incredibly excited about StrongIntro.
@alvinhsia Thanks Alvin!
Great idea and beautiful UI! :)
@doefler Thanks Kim!
@doefler I have to agree! Great job on the UI @fouad.