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Hey everyone! We're really excited to be here! Strivr launched in the App Store a year and a half ago. We wanted to create a platform that let people ask for help more easily. So many people don't ask for help because they feel guilty, don't want to put someone on the spot, or don't even know who or how to ask. Strivr was created to solve this problem, and be a place that allows people to reach out to a big group of their friends for help without the downsides that normally come with asking! We're a team of 5, all very passionate about the the topic of "help" and doing some good in the world. We believe Strivr is a totally new social media experience and hope you think so too! We welcome any questions or comments on our product. -The Strivr Team
Interesting concept! I'm intrigued to see how many of the topics get answered as well as "completed!" I love the ability to recommend other people! I think that COULD be crucial! Nice job! 👏
@as_austin Thanks Austin! About 90% of requests get completed! Also, glad you like the "refer" feature. It has definitely added value to the experience and contributed to the high success rate of fulfilled requests!
When will y'all expand the college filter?
@nicksawaboy Our marketing efforts have been largely focused on college students, but the platform is definitely applicable outside of college campuses. As long as your friends are on the app, you can take full advantage of what Strivr has to offer!
@nicksawaboy In terms of new college campuses launching, Strivr is currently present on over 50 campuses and is being launched at new schools every day. People often reach out to us asking to launch Strivr on their campus, and we're always willing to do so!
@zach_gray Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. I know apps like Yik Yak succeed in campuses due to the anonymous aspect of it, so I can see Strivr reaching success. 😄 Kudos!
@nicksawaboy Thanks Nick!
love this idea - we all need help and making it easier to eliminate the stigma is great. Cool idea- need more humanity in tech like this
@samir_doshi Thanks Sam! We're glad you think so!
Hey @zach_gray! This looks endlessly valuable and a great social initiative! Is there any plans for a Android release :)?
@calumwebbworldw Thanks a lot Calum! So glad you see the value in Strivr. Android release is coming this summer!
@zach_gray Great! I look forward to it :)