Uber for limousines (but it's free)

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Hello all, I'm writing this from the back of our ageing 28-foot stretch limousine somewhere in Oregon as my co-chauffeur Bart and I are on a three month road trip across the 'lower 48' contiguous states of the US. We'll be the first to do it in a limo. Being a software engineer with endless hours of spare time on the road, it struck me that I should build an app that takes a jab at Uber (as is fashionable). Stretch is like Uber. Except that it's free, there is only one vehicle available (a limousine) and it could be literally anywhere in the United States at this moment. Enjoy!
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@rahrahyah Do I see you driving down the 5 to California right now? πŸ€”πŸ™Œ
@rahrahyah "Being a software engineer with endless hours of spare time on the road" Explain?
@ghod Yep! En route to SF.
@shimmb I'm a software engineer on a road trip, without any work commitments, so I have time to mess around on personal projects.
How many people have you picked up so far, @rahrahyah? Any fun stories? πŸ˜€
@rrhoover Only three or four people I think. We were testing it in NYC. The driver companion app had some... navigation shortcomings that led to me inadvertently driving our passengers to New Jersey.
Another great service that isn't available in Canada yet ;( Actually though this is a hilarious app, enjoy the trip!
@notbrent we have highly ambitious global expansion plans.
LOL This is awesome.. Love it.