Dump out all negative and troubling things to clear your mind in one minute! This is a method of utilizing free writing to clear your mind and feel better. Are you ready?
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So what do you do with the information given? I see it's posted to a WP endpoint ;-)
@braunshizzle its all bulk deleted. Plus, There are no names, emails or other personal info collected in this challenge.
Hi Hunters, with a mission to improve emotional intelligence and mental health, I’ve created the stress buster challenge to help clear your mind! The rules are simple: You got one minute to write down everything that stresses you out paying no attention to grammar, spelling etc. Once time is up it blocks out typing more stuff. Hit submit and throw your troubles away! This challenge is an idea I got after learning about Writing Therapy. Writing therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the act of writing and processing the written word as therapy. Here are some resources that support the positive effects of writing therapy: 1. Woolston, Chris (2000-03-16). "Writing for therapy helps erase effects of trauma" 2. Pennebaker, James W. (May 1997). "Writing about Emotional Experiences as a Therapeutic Process" 3. Krpan, Katherine, et. al. (2013). "An everyday activity as a treatment for depression:The benefits of expressive writing for people diagnosed with major depressive disorder". Journal of Affective Disroders. 4. Baikie, Karen A. & Wilhelm, Kay (2005). "Emotional and physical health benefits of expressive writing". Advances in Psychiatric Treatment. It certainly helped me clear my mind and I hope it does the same for you. Are you ready?
@dante_mojiun This is the virtual equivalent to beating your pillow for the same reason 😌
@amrith Thats so true, perhaps more suitable for those of us who might be spending more time on our computers than our pillows? :)
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