Street Food Mapper

A web app for searching food trucks in real-time.

Street Food Mapper is one single destination for finding food truck using various criteria including food category, status, and your bookmark list.

Currently we're featuring food trucks in Boston area only, but we're looking forward to expand our map soon.

Our website is up and running now! We're cooking our app in the meantime, stay tuned: )

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For foodies: ✔️Hungry now? Search street food options that are open near you. ✔️Hungry later? Bookmark what makes you hungry and access your list anytime. ✔️Explore trending food trucks to try on your next food adventure. For vendors: ✔️Get more exposure and keep your customers updated on schedule changes.
@joannfeng is it down? I'm getting an error when I visit the page Just in case you need to know the error: TypeError: this.state.trucks.slice is not a function MapContainer.renderListOfTrucks src/containers/MapContainer.js:97 Let me know when fixed. I love the concept and I'm an absolute foodie myself!
@justintlai Hey Justin👋 Our website has exceeded bandwidth data limit so it went down😅 but we've just upgraded so it's back to normal now! Feel free to play around the site and I'd love to know your thoughts!
Hey @joannfeng, Love this! Do you have food trucks register in order to be tracked? What city are you opening next?
@jacqvon Hey Jacqueline👋In addition to the trucks already added, we also have a vendor portal(at the bottom right corner of the webpage) for anyone to add trucks to our map! For the next hub we are thinking about NYC, but we'd also like to know where you guys would like to see more trucks added to the map!
Are the densely packed cities the right use case for this? It seems like in NYC you just walk outside and whatever is there is the variety of the day. I think this is more useful for suburban environments where it actually matters where the closest one is, because you have to travel to it?
@amer_mallah Good point! I agree with you about the map being particularly useful in the area where food trucks are more remote or spread-out. I've read somewhere that most food truck businesses come from the stumblers. In the dense city though, there are also the use cases of the avid planners and the foodies, who have specific food trucks in mind and are willing to travel for food. So in those cases having the convenience to reassure their targeted truck's status would be important too, so they would less likely to go and miss the truck.
Just like hungry people like me
Hey @joannfeng @peiran_qiu Congrats on the launch on PH. Love the bold and dashing landing page graphic. Seems like it's not open in Atlanta yet? You might want to consider the Belt Line, Midtown and a few densely populated areas where you'll find traction in the city of Atlanta. Keep me posted :)
@thisiskp_ Thanks KP, glad you loved the look of our site! I visited the Belt Line for the first time last year, amazing place buzzing with foot traffics. An ice pop I had there was memorable! We will for sure keep Atlanta on the list when we extend our truck collections!
@joannfeng Absolutely! Glad you enjoyed ATL 😄