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At Stream we've helped hundreds of companies with scaling their feeds. We noticed many apps struggled to show relevant content in their feed though. Stream's analytics for feeds help you monitor how users interact with your feed. We've been inspired by the work Quora, Facebook, Etsy and Zite have done in this area.
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@tschellenbach Congrats on the launch. This is a big step forward. Feeds are becoming a core part of more and more apps. Facebook has done a good job acquainting over a billion people with what a feed is, so it is a relatively natural thing for many, many people. Though that's great for users, it's historically been hard for developers to really build a feed that will meet user expectations (which are pretty high). Glad to see you folks continuing to work on this hard problem. #happyinvestor
@dharmesh thanks! We're moving ahead quickly and are seeing more and more adoption amongst larger companies.
We've been using Stream on (social network for sports) for months now and the product is pretty phenomenal. Highly recommended guys. We have about 12M monthly feed updates generated by our users, but it was pretty hard to understand their behavior. I'll be definitely trying Analytics, it was the missing part for a perfect feed news. Cheers!
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Awesome addition to the product guys! Super excited about what Stream is doing - I look at this as the logical evolution of web and mobile apps into independent services run by experts who can focus every single day on making that specific service as functional as possible. We first saw the power of this with the success of products that now seem obvious with SendGrid, Twilio, and Stripe. Now we're seeing Algolia, Mapbox, and others continue to add modularity options. I think many developers focus only on the required upfront energy to build functionality into a product. Where Stream really shines is in the maintenance, scalability, and analytics. I love the way they set up their pricing model to reflect this, it's free for up to 3 million monthly feed updates to encourage developers to get up and running quickly with Stream. As the usage beings to scale, the impressive infrastructure Stream has built kicks into action. Combined with the analytics and personalization they provide, I think the payback on developer time saved is obvious. Excited to continue to see their growth and more amazing companies using Stream. Disclaimer: Galvanize is a happy investor!
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@fletchrichman I totally agree, it's very powerful trend. At Stream we work with both large (tens of millions of users) and tiny apps. It's inspiring to see what small teams can build leveraging services like Algolia, Stream, Mapbox, Crashlytics and Stripe.
Stoked on what we are doing with @tschellenbach & Stream on @bandsintown. Great product these guys are building. They helped us build something extremely complicated that would have taken too many man hours otherwise.
@toddcronin @bandsintown thank you, much appreciated!
Before Techstars I ran a company called GetGlue. That experience taught me more about newsfeed technology than I wanted to know. As our userbase grew it took us months to scale our feed. Instead of focusing on what made our product unique we were reinventing feed technology. Later on we faced issues with user retention. Users would follow their inactive friends and see stale content in the feed. Some users would spam the system and basically flood the feed of everyone who follows them. There are so many common issues which can destroy the user experience for apps with feeds. I love it how step by step Stream is making powerful feed technology accessible to all apps. First with scalable feeds and now with analytics. Disclaimer, Stream is a Techstars company
Thanks Alex!