Stream 2.0

API for building, scaling and personalizing feeds

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Hi, I'm one of the makers at Stream. Our team has been working on feed technology for quite some time. It all started with Stream-Framework (the most widely used open source feed technology): This 5m tutorial shows you just how easy to use is:
@tschellenbach pretty slick! How would you recommend for example searching for a given word within the feeds of all the people I "follow"?
@tschellenbach on your features page under analytics I noticed a typo, it says "outdate feeds" and should be "outdated"
@memyselfandm thx for spotting it! fix will go live soon.
PS. Anybody noticed the beautiful cat images on our homepage? Or was it too subtle?
This is super cool. I will recommend it to some of my friends working on differnt social mobile apps. They have good use cases to use activitystrea. I liked how we can use flat, aggregated, notification and ranked feed. Analytics and personalization are icing on the cake. Good job
@nishant_k_gupta thanks! glad you like it.
It's amazing to see the work that many of us started years ago with the Activity Streams project continues to be felt!
@chrismessina thanks! the spec was really helpful both for the hosted as well as the open source stream-framework (
I really like the interactive tutorial.