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Stream just launched a new web app. @paulcanetti can probably jump in to answer any questions.
Fascinated. We assume there's some need for social proof or curation with the content we consume, but stuff like memes, cat pics, and "humanity"-type news is relatively universal. Taylor Davidson (formerly kbs+ Ventures) recently wrote that he asks himself, “What do we believe without question that will be proven mistaken in the future?” as a way to keep a fresh perspective ( Maybe social proof is one of those things. I've mentioned to @eriktorenberg that I believe there will be public spaces in the online world just as in the offline world. This is a cool experiment towards that.
@nayafia @eriktorenberg Wow thanks for the super awesome thoughts. The first question we always get is like "but wait, how do I know who shared it?!" and it makes me wonder if that reaction is just because that's how it's always been or is there something objectively valuable about identity-based curation? We're betting on the former. =)
@paulcanetti Me too! (There's also the cynic in me who thinks "social" increasingly = "data", which makes it even more important to question its value since we're paying a hidden price.) I'm curious to follow along your journey. :)
@nayafia @paulcanetti Haha hence the beauty of anonymous networks!! [this comment will self-destruct]
@paulcanetti @nayafia @paulcanetti i'm open minded but confused as to why people would share content on Stream or why it would be better if we didn't know who shared. But maybe that's just because I want more curation in what i read, see, and learn everyday, not less.
@eriktorenberg @nayafia It's still curated, just not by people you know. My Twitter feed is an echo chamber of the same few voices asserting themselves, whereas Stream opens me up to a much more diverse set of content without any ego. I don't think they're mutually exclusive, there's a time and a place for each! =)
I'm always open to new ideas and experiments but I just don't get this one. Without a context of what's being shared (seems entirely random), why it's being surfaced, and from whom, I don't know why I would visit the site. What am I missing, @paulcanetti?
@rrhoover @paulcanetti You can read my brief "manifesto" at the link below, but to summarize, we're basically stripping away everything you would normally find in a social network (no friends, followers, profiles, etc.) and trying to create a network specifically emphasizing content over people. It's super random since it could be shared by anyone else is in the community (everything shared goes public), but that makes it fun and spontaneous. And it gives each user a much broader reach than he/she would normally have. It's an experiment!