The to-do list that helps you form good habits.

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I've heard about Streak before and I can't wait for the Android version ;)!
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@pierrelechelle I had started working on exactly the same app for Android with exactly the same name (I have the domain
@shobhitic @pierrelechelle please let me know when you finish :)
Habit forming has so much mythology around it. It's pretty simple. Pick one thing. do it a lot. Get rewarded for your efforts. Streaks is adding simplification to the mix.
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@micah I use Wonderful Day ( So much more better IMO and only $1.
@manikarthik @micah I love the visual representation perfected by Streaks. Use it every day, my only pet peeve is sometimes I forget to check in and it starts all over again!
@mariosundar @micah We've got an update coming out next week that'll let you check off the previous day if you forgot to do so at the time. The update will also add "Shake to Undo", and support for 12 new languages (Chinese, Russian, etc..)
Hey all - I'm the maker of Streaks. I'll be here for a while if you have any questions or comments about the app! This is the first app I've built using Swift, and also the first using HealthKit. I built the app because there's a number of things I need to do every day, such as ensuring I turn off my leaky tap properly (I build apps, I'm not a plumber ;) )
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@hendx Cool concept! Are there some sort of alerts to trigger you to start preforming those daily tasks?
@tiagooooooooo Having a cap of the number of tasks (6) makes people know it'll never get out of hand. My own tasks include a couple of relatively easy tasks, as well as a "Walk X,000 Steps" task, meaning progress is shown every time I launch the app. Then once three are knocked off it's a smaller step for the user to finish the final 3. Additionally, it'll prompt you to adjust your steps/distance tasks based on your success/failure rate. It also provides notifications at a relevant time of day to remind you.
@hendx Great idea Quentin. I'm a stickler for building a positive routine around the little things like writing new content, reading industry news, going for a run etc. Streaks sounds like something I'd love. While I'm currently an Android user, I hope to be a user soon whether it's on a new iphone or when you build an android version. Congrats on a great tool!
@hendx Really cool concept. Is there any punishment or something like that for continuosly missing? That could be a motivation to not miss
@akshay2104 The punishment is breaking your streak and losing satisfaction. If you continually miss a distance/steps task, Streaks will recommend adjusting it so you can complete it more often. No punishment like public shaming or anything like that though ;)
This. Is. Great. Needed it. The price tag is very high, but hopefully worth it.
Did you just post my new addiction ;)