All communication strategy tools in one deck of cards


Ian Mark Johnson


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Julie DelanoyHunterPro@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
I've seen "lean startup deck", "design feedback deck"... but this one seems to be new. As I'm not an expert in communication strategy, I could learn some things :) Also, it exists on iPhone, Android, Web and the website offers the possibility to print the deck. Enjoy 🃏
Ilya Petrov
Ilya PetrovMaker@ilyapetrov
@syswarren Thank you for this! Simply the best day of my life :)
Ilya Petrov
Ilya PetrovMaker@ilyapetrov
Thank you everyone for the support! Strategy Deck was build with intent to update it regularly, so more tools are coming soon. We are also working on our website, bringing more information on books, courses, strategic and statistic services, etc. Our goal is to combine all knowledge on communication strategy at one place in a simple form, useful both for everyday use and for exploring something new.
Lynn Fredricks
Lynn Fredricks@lynnfredricks · President, Paradigma Software
They should hook up with lulu or some printer that will do PODs of an actual deck.
Anthony David Adams
Anthony David Adams@anthonyadams · Peripheral Visionary.
@lynnfredricks @ilyapetrov , we successfully turned our app ( into crowdfunded card deck (300% of goal) and within 2 months secured distribution in Urban Outfitters, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Kitson, and more. Hit me up if you'd like to discuss how to do it right >
The iOS app hasn't been updated since 2014. Any updates coming?
Ilya Petrov
Ilya PetrovMaker@ilyapetrov
@esbvn As I know, the app is working well with the last iOS. Let me know, in case there are any issues. There is a back-end system that allows me to update app's content without updating the app itself, so in two years I just had no reasons to mess with it.
darby@drawby · creative director, RedTape