Meet strangers from all over the world, via Telegram

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We were actually looking for a way to improve communication between groups that are organizing going to a festival, and then Telegram released a part of their API that should be able to assist us on this. When trying to build is, we kind of lost our way and ended up with this. It’s gaining a lot of users and we would love to know how this could be improved in order for people to have a nice chatting experience.
This is a lot of fun! Though I find myself getting matched with the same person over and over again. Not sure what criteria is used to match people.
@karthikb351 we're working on this problem :)! Great to hear that you enjoy it!
So, I tried it. Got some dick pics some weird voice messages but i met a new friend which is nice😄
@stefanpanic9 I highly recommend you to use the /nopics to avoid the dick-pics :). Otherwise use /report to report dick-pickers :-). Hard to fight 'em, but I try.
Nice idea! As others have mentioned, you get matched with the same people often. I noticed a lot of users are from Iran, do you have any metrics on this?
@jbrooksuk I've noticed that too! A huge number of people I was connected with were from Iran.
I like the idea I am making a kind of similar app, but i hate that I got 4 times matched with the same person.
@samgmuller Thanks for the response Samuel, I'm working on a fix for this :)