Easily record family stories

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I met with solo-founder, @nickbaum, ~2 months ago (great guy!). I like the email-first approach ( Great way to build and validate demand for the product quickly.
I'm the founder, AMA! PS: it's a great holiday gift for parents and grandparents :)
Welcome, @nickbaum! First question... What inspired you to create StoryWorth?
Long story short, my dad is 83 years old, so I basically built it for him to record his stories, so I can have them for my eventual kids and grand-kids. I recently printed a book of his StoryWorth stories... it's 80+ pages long! If I'd told him he'd write 80 pages of his biography this year, he would never have believed me – the power of habits. PS: Good community management, Ryan – though email notifications would have helped me notice this sooner!
@nickbaum - YES! Those are coming soon courtesy of @nbashaw and the internetz. :)