Storyboard, takes video clips and automatically pulls out six frames which it lays out in a comic book-style template. You’ll be able to refresh the app to get new layouts and frames, with Google claiming that there are over 1.6 trillion combinations.

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Speech bubbles made of voice recognition transcript are still missing :)
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@paulodef that would be awesome!
@paulodef true - could've easily plugged in their DialogFlow product and generated some bubbles for each strip based on voice/typed sentence
It's been awhile since I've seen an Android first release but I guess it makes sense. 😜
Does anyone know if it is coming to iOS? I MUST HAVE IT!
Still trying to understand the usage of this...
This actually a fantastically cool concept. There's no clear way to share your comic strip, and apparently no save mechanism either. I'm not judging, it's a new app, but it did a pretty good job of taking a boring video and throwing it into a comic. I think navigation could use an improvement though.
@tristanisham to save or share, just touch the screen.