Story Replay

Downloadable archive of Instagram Stories

#2 Product of the DayOctober 04, 2018

Story Replay is a web app that captures Instagram Stories you may otherwise miss from your favourite celebs or influencers.

Hey all 🖖 It's been a while since I've developed something... Hopefully users find this one useful! Happy to answer any questions you may have.
Creative idea, but is it against Instagram's TOS to republish videos like this on the web, @franciskim_co? 🤔
@rrhoover possibly. I will check. Just putting my son to sleep.
@rrhoover "We do not claim ownership of your content, but you grant us a license to use it." It seems to me ultimately it is up to the user who posted the content to call out a breach. I'll put a takedown link on the website soon for any users wanting their content gone. On the other hand I've had a lot of PH users who wanted their content archived.
@rrhoover btw it's great to hear from the man himself! Much respect to the maker of makers 🙏🖖👍
@franciskim_co Like the product idea and execution. What is the technology stack behind Story Replay?
@levashovbiz Hey Alex! Story Replay is built on a Node.js + Express backend, we use Jade for the templating and hosted on AWS. The crawler uses Puppeteer ⚡️
This looks great! So simple but a really effective purpose. Love it
@morgan_young2 thanks Morgan for checking out Story Replay and the kind words! 🙏🙏
Definitely a great way to archive Insta stories... moving off the platform soon. Great work!
@barce thank you Barce! 👍