Storm-up is a plug and play platform that makes any existing website editable. Imagine that you could take features from Wix/Wordpress and plug them into your existing website, without having to change a single line of code. Also you can Auto-translate to any language, manage leads, improve SEO and more! Sign up to know more!

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Hey all, Felipe (nerd founder) here. Storm-up is a new people-friendly CMS platform that you can plug into any existing website with one line of code. Developers can deliver awesome HTML websites and still make them editable in a super simple way. Website owners can make any changes on his/her existing website without having to learn how to code. Top features: - Update content right on your website; - 1-minute setup; - Auto-translate your website to any language; - Technology agnostic; - No server/database required; - Connect external APIs into lists; Go to our website and play around with the demo. I’ll be more than happy to get some feedback and answer questions. Thanks!
@fm_lopes looks wonderful! I have also seen and play with the demo. Your website is in Spanish I guess? any plan to support other languages? cheers!
@arilontong Hi Ari, thanks for commenting! The settings for each language should be done for each website and right now our website is set up in English, Spanish and Portuguese! Let me know if you want to test it out on a website, ok? Thanks!
@arilontong @fm_lopes I see your website in Spanish too
Hi this looks interesting, and great! How does this work when a database is involved? I can’t see any (obvious) is way that I could plug this into some sites that I’ve built and have it updating copy.
@mickc79 interested in knowing this too. I’m guessing it just changed it with JS dynamically on load?
@mickc79 yeah, when a specific element's content comes from a database, you certainly don't want anyone updating it, so you have to add a css class to make Storm-up ignore it. You can also connect an external API to any element through the platform to make it dynamic. The platform was born to not stay on your way when you're coding and to be as simple as possible for the end user and developer. We are developing an integration though that will take every change and apply them to your repository or ftp server.
Hey @fm_lopes & @lucas_castro13, Please tell us more about what you've built here. Looks cool!
Awesome idea Felipe! Congrats on launching on PH!
Looks good !! Can we edit from WordPress with its integration? 😊
@ayush_chandra yes you can use Storm-up along with Wordpress! Just keep in mind that currently the changes made through Storm-up will not automatically reflect on Wordpress (Wordpress plugin under development =])